Science & Laboratory Equipment

We provide you with an unlimited array of the latest science and laboratory equipment to equip your lab.

Our products selection includes Laser and Photonics, Metrology, Measurement Devices, Detector and sensor.

We also provide everyday bench products like pH meters, spatulas, and glassware. Finding the ideal science and laboratory equipment can never be more comfortable than that, and all our goods are exceptional collections from trusted manufacturers.

Laser & Photonics

We support the laser and photonics industry with essential custom products like Beam Profilers, Lasers (all types) Laser Rods, Non-Linear Optics, Optics, Laser Power/Energy Meters, Spectrometers, Monochromators, CDDS, PMTs, High Purity Materials, Semiconductor Processing Equipment, a Light Sources. 


With the unmatched combination of mechanics, intuitive, and powerful software, and support from the leading name in measurement, we take metrology to the next level. Our wide array of metrology products is perfect for use in research, engineering, QC labs, and manufacturing world where high-precision measurement is needed.

Measurement Devices

Our measuring devices come in an astonishing array to allow you to measure just about anything and everything like ascertaining water and air temperatures, computing the board’s length in construction, determining travel distances, gauging the pressure, and analyzing wind speed.

Detector and Sensor

We provide all types of detectors, sensors, and transducers to ensure that you never miss your product when shopping with us. That means you can get temperature sensors, radiation sensors, motion sensors, level sensors, leak sensors, and any other type of sensor you might want.

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